Building a better future with cannabis

Expect the highest standards

AltMed Arizona is the cannabis of the future – responsibly grown, perfectly consistent and remarkably pure. To make it happen, we’ve designed and outfitted Arizona’s most advanced growing facility – a fully instrumented and controlled environment where the health of growing plants is tracked and optimized around the clock.

At AltMed Arizona we’re conscientious growers who are passionate about the new science of cannabis. And we’re just as passionate about the health and well-being of Arizona cannabis patients.

Our facility represents a break-through in production capability, delivering a reliable supply of high-quality medicinal cannabis strains year ‘round. To meet the needs of every kind of patient, we’re developing a full range of products, from traditional flower trims to market-leading precise dosage smoke-free products.

Smoke Free Innovation

AltMed Arizona will be making MüV’s market leading precise-dose smoke free cannabis technology available to Arizona patients, including timed release transdermal patches and our unique heat-free, metered dose inhaler.

Current and Future Strains

Contact us for current strains available

We’re proud to grow Phoenix Light, a legendary non hybrid ‘race strain’ producing an astonishing 27% THC. In the future AltMed Arizona breeding program aims to contribute unique and medically significant strains to the growing science of cannabis.

The Uncompromised Grow

At AltMed Arizona we believe that medical marijuana patients have the right to expect the highest standards of hygiene and purity.

That’s why we’ve implemented stringent hygiene practices and procedures throughout our facility. All staff must wear sterile work suits before entering growing or processing areas. Hygiene technology includes cutting edge air showers and clinical grade floor sanitation. All growing and processing areas are fully contained and all inputs are filtered and sterilized. The result? Ultra-pure cannabis medical patients can trust.

Want to know more about the passionate people and scientists behind AltMed Arizona’ products? Visit our affiliate company AltMed — the science of medical cannabis.