Our Clean Green Accelerated Learning Machine

AltMed Arizona growing facility is not just Arizona’s most advanced cannabis production facility. It’s a sophisticated fully instrumented and monitored learning tool that’s able to check in with growing plants 96 times every single day.

Sophisticated technology continuously monitors & records every variable from nursery stage through to harvest.

All variables are precisely controlled, including water, moisture, temperature, light levels, grow-room CO2 and nutrients. The side benefit, beyond producing perfect plants? With each grow we build a richer set of data allowing us to refine and improve our processes to produce even better future grows. Amazingly, our facility learns.

Responsible design means tightly controlled energy and resource use. Growing water is recycled, filtered, sterilized and reused. Energy use for lighting, climate control and processing is minimized wherever possible.

Every day scientists are learning more about cannabis and its potential contributions to health and well being. AltMed Arizona advanced new grow facility is part of that trend – Arizona’s most advanced production facility is definitely on a learning curve.

Cannabis perfection is no longer science fiction

Our state of the art facility

Outstanding genetics and minute by minute control of every critical growing variable.

1. Indoor grow facility: 33,818 sq ft

2. Clean Room: 1,080 sq ft

3. Processing Area: 385 sq ft

4. Our Lab: 800 sq ft

AltMed Arizona by the Numbers

The Size Specs
  • Size of our indoor grow facility:33,818 sq ft
  • Size of our Clean Room 1,080 sq ft
  • Size of Processing Area: 385 sq ft
  • Size of our Lab: 800 sq ft,
  • Size of our new greenhouse when completed: 31,680 sq ft
  • Size of initial greenhouse production: 15,840 sq ft
Our growing numbers
  • Number of Plants in as of April 2016: 6,480 Plants
  • Number of lights:
  • Lights for flowering plants: 324 1000w,
  • Lights for mother plants: 15
  • Lights in Nursery 52 L.E.D.,
  • Lights in Veg room: 1 (28 600w !)
  • Number of Strains: 32
Staying Clean
  • Number of state of the art Air Showers: 2
  • Number of floor sanitation machines: 1
  • Number of Tyvek sanitation suits, hats and booties: 12 cases
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